Lemon Matcha Sugar Scrub


Lemon & Matcha Sugar Scrub: Size 300 gr in an eco-friendly pouch

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Lemon & Matcha

Tiny sugar crystals will buff, polish, and exfoliate your skin to a natural glow. Matcha is loaded with antioxidants to help reduce acne and help improve the skin’s elasticity, while the lemon essential oil is antibacterial, and helps balance oil production to reduce breakouts.

300gr eco-friendly pouch


How to use

How to use: Scoop out some scrub with a tablespoon. It’s best to apply it to dry skin first, while you’re standing in the shower. Scrub to exfoliate. To moisturize, turn the scrub to lotion by adding a small amount of water. Hydrate, and rinse well.


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