Aqua – The source of all life.

Waterless cosmetics are on the rise. In the cosmetic industry, water is predominately used as a solvent to bring ingredients better to your skin. Many cosmetic ingredients contain large percentages of water for example a lotion or shampoo might easily be 80% water. This is however not always a good thing and as we become more protective of our environment and the planet in general, we are starting to pay attention to things like carbon footprint or no plastic bottles in landfills and oceans.

So why is it we are all paying money to ship water around the world something we all have at home?

Some smart cosmetic companies are taking this question seriously and are formulating products without the water, allowing you the consumer to add your own water at home. This allows you to do your part in joining the zero waste movement, save money and buy people and planet-friendly products that are waterless. Say no to Aqua!

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