Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Activated Bamboo Charcoal (Bambusa vulgaris), or Medicinal Charcoal, has been used since Egyptian times, but today we have discovered new and wonderful ways to use it. Activated Charcoal is 4X more porous than normal charcoal. This increases the ability to remove more impurities and neutralize odors effectively and faster.

Why is this interesting for us cosmetics folks?

Imagine a face mask that will pull and bind impurities by grabbing oil and dirt. As a toothpaste, it can help whiten ”yes black charcoal will help whiten” teeth. It also helps to absorb bacteria and combat bad breath. Since powder comes in different grits make sure your powder is extra fine and meets European standards so it won’t scratch skin or teeth.

It’s used in detox scrubs and foot soak remedies, and charcoal deodorants, just about anywhere you want to clean up, it acts like a sponge pulling and washing away the bad stuff.

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