X-Grey Serum from Leaf Juice Skincare uses 2 key ingredients; Acetyl Hexapeptide-1 which helps draw out the natural pigment from the root, while Guarana helps strengthen the root. We also like to add rosemary oil and green tea extract both powerful antioxidants to help keep the scalp clear to better absorb the peptide.

What is turns hair grey?

We are all in search of that fountain of youth but is it really possible to cheat time and turn back the clock on grey hair? Here are some interesting studies you will want to learn about.

As we get older the pigment cells in our hair follicles (melanocytes)  start to get lazy and slow down and eventually even die off. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin that tanned look and hair its colour becomes empty in the melanocytes and no longer produces colour. 

At what point this takes place in our lifetime can be different depending on your age, race, heredity and even stress can cause premature greying.

Our nervous system which is in charge of our fight or flight chemicals in our body runs all the way to the hair follicles. Too much stress and too often releases norepinephrine which affects the melanocytes. This causes a premature switch-off of the pigment resulting in premature greying. Poor nutrition and oxidative stress can also contribute to early grey hair.

How does X-Grey Hair Serum work?

Whether we like it or not,  for some turning grey is devastating and others seem to embrace their grey, it’s all part of the normal ageing process. However, scientists have recently found some encouraging data about a peptide called Acetyl Hexapeptide-1. This peptide has shown success in stimulating pigmentation and melanin production by interacting with a cell receptor called MC1R. In other words, this wakes up the cells and encourages them to work again.

What’s amazing is that these studies at the individual hair level have shown greying is actually reversible! Findings suggest there is a window of opportunity during which greying is probably more reversible than it has been thought. 

If you are just starting out with grey hair then this is perhaps the time to wake up your melanocytes and keep them stimulated to keep producing the colour of your original hair. By boosting the melanin levels research is showing encouraging data and results with Hexapeptide that increases melanin synthesis at the base of the hair. 

It is said it is best to apply this product at night before going to bed. Massage it in the roots of the hair all over the scalp. Use 3 to 5 times a week and expect to wait 3 months to see real results.

Give our X-Grey Hair Serum a try while you still can and turn back the clock and bring back your natural colour. It sure beats the alternative to toxic hair dyes.


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    Is this product or any part of tested on animals?

    For example does it contain glycerine that is tested in the eyes of rabbits?

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