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Plant-based skin and hair care made from the natural goodness of Indonesia.

Plant-Based Skincare Products

Leaf Juice Skincare is a cosmetics company with a mission to make eco-friendly and zero-waste skincare products popular, affordable and sustainable. We want to see less plastic and more beauty! We achieve this by listening to our customers, ethically sourcing natural ingredients and manufacturing people and planet friendly skincare products that respect our environment. We like to think that our products come from nature and then get returned back after we use them.

Our promise to you is to supply skincare products for an affordable price with the best possible ingredients.

Plant-based skincare doesn’t mean the environment or your skin – we make skincare products that are the best for both you and the planet.

Featured Leaf Juice Skincare Products

Good for the wallet, great for your skin — helping the environment one product at a time!

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Leaf Juice Skincare

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